Grow Your Penis

Techniques to Grow Your Penis

The notion that has been around for a very long time is that women would be more satisfied with men who have a large penile size. Many people say that this is not necessarily true but the efforts that men make and the advertisements have never ceased or decreased in number. This could be the proof that the notion that is considered as myth could be true or the number of the customers keeps increasing. One way or the other, it is indeed intriguing for men to learn howtogrow your penis both for the sake of curiosity and for self confidence. Below are some simple techniques togrow your penis that work. Surely, there is no single method that will work without continuity and discipline just as in any exercise.

Stretching the Penile Body

This technique is recommended to be done in the morning before you take the shower. Just as the sub-title suggests, all you need to do is simply to stretch your penis and not the skin. Taking the penile head in your hand, you stretch it out straight in front of you; and then you hold this position for a minimum of ten and maximum of fifteen seconds. In this position, you should know that the stretch is taking place when you feel it at the penile base area. Repeat this for four to six times; then let the penis relax by giving a light massage to allow the blood circulation return to normal. Having been through with the relaxation, now you can continue by stretching the penis to the right direction and hold it there for several seconds before you alternate with the other side. You should be able to feel the left penile part pressured. Be disciplined with the counting every second on each stretch just as you would on regular exercise. In addition to the counting, this exercise to grow your peniswill definitely work if done regularly.

Hot Towel Technique

Another technique to grow your penis is by using a hot towel. Theoretically, when your body is warmed, it gets relaxed and the blood vessels become relaxed too. As you know, the success of an erection is when the blood rushes to the penile body by way of smooth muscle. By warming the body of the penis and the testicles, the muscle and the blood vessel will work better. This male enhancement technique only takes a piece of small towel, warm to hot water in a bowl. With a sufficient size of a face towel, you prepare the hot water in a bowl that can still be managed to touch. Soak the towel entirely; make sure that it is not too hot. Place the warm cloth around the testicles and the penile body and keep it there for one minute and you should set the alarm or stopwatch on your phone for this purpose. You should be prepared for the odd sensation that may feel a bit painful at first, yet you will find this over soon and you will be accustomed to it. Watch the timer and once the one minute span is over, renew the water in the bowl and repeat the techniques one more time for another minute longer this time, being two minutes in total. Two – three times of repeated procedures are effective attempts to grow your penis.

The Jelq Technique

This may be already known as a technique to grow your penis by some men. This is the technique that takes some practice and proper warm up such as taking a warm bath or wrapping the penis with a warm towel that is wet until it is cold. In fact, lots of practice and adequate warm up is the essential key to the success of growing your penis. As the penile body is warmed, the blood flow increases and accordingly the penis is ready for the treatment. To successfully apply the technique, you also need something to lubricate your penis such as baby oil or skin cream. Having lubricated the penis, you begin with your penis that almost entirely erects; say with seventy or eighty percent of erection.

Next, hold your penis among your fingers and thumb encircling the base of the penile body. With all preparation set, you can now start the technique; make sure that the grip is firm and entirely encircle the penile base to prevent the blood from flowing in the penile body. Make a hand movement that resembles milking with the movement direction to the head. This will push the blood to the penile end. You must prevent ejaculation from occurring during the treatments, so if this is going to happen, recess from this session. Additionally, in the event of pain, the treatment should also be stopped for a while. You will significantly see the growth after a few months of performing this technique.