Three Effective Natural Acne Treatment Options

The list of natural acne treatment options is quite extensive. Although there are now a number of medical breakthroughs as far as treatments for this particular skin disorder, many people still prefer using natural solutions. Remember, prior to modern medicine, the only possibility for getting relief from acne was with natural treatments. While a number of the older treatments are still used today, many new treatments have been added to the list of options.

Keep in mind that when talking about natural acne treatment options, these are actual treatments opposed to remedies but as shown with the information provided in this article, a person has many different avenues to consider. A tremendous amount of information can be obtained by conducting research online but because we see more and more medical doctors and dermatologists alongside homeopathic doctors using natural treatments, a scheduled consultation would also reveal valuable information.

Typically, natural acne treatment options are used for moderate to severe acne, as well as some cases of scarring whereas milder cases of this skin condition can be effectively treated with topical solutions or less invasive procedures. Now as a side note, while most people see positive results by choosing natural treatments, there are instances when conventional medical procedures would be perhaps a better consideration.

Lifestyle Choices

Because of its importance to existing acne and future problems, we also wanted to mention the value that comes from making appropriate lifestyle choices. In conjunction with natural acne treatment options, it would be imperative for someone with this skin problem to think about things being done in daily life that would negatively impact skin.

For example, food is not a cause of acne although several new studies show people who follow a high carbohydrate diet are at greater risk for developing severe acne. For this reason, adopting a well-balanced diet consisting of lean meats, fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and low-fat dairy would be advised.

Other lifestyle changes that would improve a person’s skin include drinking eight glasses of mineral spring or bottled water a day, stop smoking, reduce or completely stop consuming alcohol, get at least 30 minutes of exercise daily, avoid environmental pollutants and harsh UV rays from the sun as much as possible, and finally, follow an appropriate skincare regimen.

This condition can be triggered by a number of things but along with this, there are different types of acne, levels of severity, and of course, skin types. For this reason, the most appropriate natural acne treatment would be unique to the individual. For this reason, understanding the actual treatment, as well as pros and cons would be essential, whether through self-research or medical consultation.

Derma Roller

Interestingly, the Derma Roller has only become a viable treatment for acne in Europe and the United States in the past year although it has been used throughout the Middle East and Asia for some time. Without doubt, this natural acne treatment is unique and innovative but according to the experts, it is also effective and safe. As a special roller is passed over the skin’s surface, needles punch very tiny holes in the skin. When used regularly and for about six weeks, collagen production increases dramatically to the point of filling in void areas of the skin caused by several types of acne.

With the Derma Roller, several different size needles can be used depending on the person’s acne but also desired results.  Without doubt, this natural acne treatment works but it would be essential that only the original product be purchased opposed to a copycat product. For instance, fake products are designed with textile grade steel needles, not surgical steel and the needles are in a row rather than punching holes in a random pattern.

Scar Fillers

For many people, the worst part of acne is the permanent scarring left behind. Rather than live with the embarrassment of scarring often seen on the face, there are several natural treatments that would be considered viable solutions. There are fillers used for acne and scars made from inorganic substances but keeping things natural, a relatively new treatment involves fat being extracted from an area of the person’s body and injected into the area of skin affected by acne.

Fat tissue filler has been shown safe and when performed by a skilled medical professional, the outcome would look great. Typically, filler of this kind will last anywhere from six to fifteen months depending on the type of acne and scar, severity, location of the body where the problem is, and how the individual responds to treatment.


Most people think of detoxification as a means of reducing risk of colon cancer by having toxins flushed from the body. While this is certainly one benefit, studies show that detoxifying the body is also beneficial to the skin. Over the years, medical researchers have identified accumulated waste or “gunk” actually affects the body in a wide variety of ways. One of the more recent discoveries is that getting rid of toxins makes a substantial difference.

For this natural acne treatment, a special clinic could be visited where a colon cleansing procedure would be performed, a commercial product could be purchased and used at home when convenient, or a person could eat certain foods to get much the same results. Once toxins have been eliminated from the body, along with a person’s overall health improving, acne problems begin to clear up and outbreaks stop.